PokeLens is a fan-made prototype for the Hololens, bringing the classic Pokemon battle system into the mixed reality world. Deviating from the simple and limited mechanics of Pokemon GO, I wanted to test out the true capabilities of a real world AR battle system with simple and intuitive UI and user commands. PokeLens has already been popular around several gaming and tech news networks and shared across social media.


AR Holographic Projections

Kotaku / Tech Times / Nextshark / SourceFed

A fun innovative side project I've recently worked on has gained a lot of media attention. It combines optical glyph tracking technology and the pepper's ghost effect to project real world trackable holographic projections.

C++ & Javascript

Programmed games and frameworks in C++ and Javascript.


Developed desktop and mobile games using the Unity engine.


Worked with openGL and HLSL to create modern graphical effects.

Kenny Wang

Game Programmer/Designer

Viverra Tempor
About Me

I love developing games and working with Augmented Reality.

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