Kenny Wang

Toronto, ON, Canada


  • UOIT, Oshawa, Ontario, Game Development and Entrepreneurship.

  • GPA of 3.35.

  • Skills & Experience

    Augmented Reality

  • Developed PokeLens: An augmented reality Pokemon Fan game for the Microsoft Hololens, bringing the classic RPG battle system into the real world through mixed reality. The project had been covered by online tech and gaming articles.

  • Developed augmented reality trackable holographic projections using Unity and Vuforia.

  • Programmer

  • 6 years of programming experience building applications in C++, C#, JavaScript and Unity.

  • Developed a 3D framework that supports asset loading, physics, collision, AI, modern graphical algorithms, and animation.

  • Summer internship abroad experience working at QBSsystem helping develop iOS and Android applications.

  • Game Developer

  • Programmed “Misery Ship”, a defense game that twists story and plot to allow the player to choose their fate. It was created in 48 hours with a team of 3 people for the “Indie Speed Run” game jam.

  • Programmed “Bits”, a 2D side-scrolling/adventure game made for the 1st year Game Development & Entrepreneurship program at UOIT.

  • Mobile Applications Developer

  • Developed “StickmaV1”, a side-scrolling puzzle game that allows players to creatively solve puzzles and obstacles by using objects around them. It is currently available on the Apple App Store.

  • Programmed “Kid Runner”, a side-scrolling running game for the Windows phone created in 48 hours with a team of 3 people for the “Great Canadian Appathon 2012”.

  • Programmed “Size Matters”, a mobile game made for the Great Canadian Appathon 2014 available on the iOS and Android app store.

  • Leadership & Community involvement

  • Involved in a game development studio at UOIT as the lead programmer.

  • Participated in 4 Game Development competitions (Appathon 2012, Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam 2012, Appathon 2014)

  • Presented a lecture on polishing a mobile game at the UOIT Game Development Society.

  • Awards and Achievements

  • Augmented Reality project "Pokemon Holograms with image tracking" has gained mass media attention and was accredited for its innovative approach to augmented holographic projections.

  • Great Canadian Appathon 2014 entry “Size Matters” was awarded the first place grand prize of $25,000 from XMG Studios.

  • Great Canadian Appathon 2012 entry “Kid Runner” was nominated as a finalist.

  • Indie Speed Run entry “Misery Ship” was nominated for the “Coolest Premise Award”.

  • iOS Game “StickmaV1” has received over 20,000 downloads on the Apple App Store.

  • “Bits” has received the Player’s Choice award at UOIT GamesCon.